‘THE DARK HOBBY’ Available On Demand and Digital Platforms Today, May 21

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Featuring: Kimokeo Kapalehuahua,Kupuna and Robert Wintner, reef activist, AKA Snorkel Bob

The Dark Hobby debuts today, May 21 on the following platforms:

iTunes, AppleTV, YouTube, GooglePlay, Vudu and Vimeo

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Like The Cove and Blackfish, The Dark Hobby follows conservationists and scientists who will stop at nothing to protect what's underwater.

The Dark Hobby tracks the turbulent crusade to save the reef life at stake in an age old struggle that pits conservation against commerce. Aquarium trade extraction, an industry worth billions, has devastated reef species and habitat globally. Aloha from Hawaii continues the fight.

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Willy Kaupiko is Mayor of Millolii, Hawaii’s last working fishing village. Kaimi Kaupiko is a teacher and Hawaiian practitioner. Gail Grabowsky is Director of Environmental Studies at Chaminade University. A Martinez hosts Take Two on KPCC radio, LA. Jonathan Balcombe is author of What a Fish Knows. Ben Williamson, formerly of PETA, is now with World Animal Protection. Teresa Telecky, Vice President at Humane Society International, and Jessica Wooley was instrumental in passing Senate Bill 1240, halting Hawaii’s aquarium trade.

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