A Brother’s Whisper: Review


Bottom Line: Speak Out, Before It is Too Late to Speak Up
A Brother’s Whisper
Year: 2022
Director & Writer: Jacinto Taras Riddick
Cast:  Jacinto Taras Riddick, Che Ayende, Lekethia Dalcoe, James T. Alfred, Mark Breland, Cristian Sebastián, Coach Nate Boyd, Mustafa Abdullah, Andrea Michelle Kelly
Genre: Drama
Rating: 17 years and older
Country: U.S.
Language: English
Runtime: 1 hour 8 minutes

The damage from not speaking up and out.

Jacinto Taras Riddick’s directorial debut “A Brother’s Whisper” is a compelling story that takes you on a journey of the relationships between the family you are born into, your community and the ones you choose.

Solomon Bordeaux (Jacinto Taras Riddick) torturous return to civilian life with an inner rage brings conflict between his realities of life and war with his brother David Bordeaux (Che Ayende), sister-in-law  Leona Bordeaux (Lekethia Dalcoe), Gabriel (James T. Alfred), Mark Breland (as Himself), Anthony (Cristian Se bastián), Coach Nate Boyd (as himself) and Lance (Mustafa Abdullah.)

Solomon is forced to navigate cultural and societal changes, whether he is ready for them or not.  He endures constant difficulties with boundaries and self-control.

Jacinto said the message of his film, “ Unlike this so-called politically correct world in which we live, this film does not apologize nor does it take sides. In my humble belief, it is an honest depiction of our love, dysfunction, fears, triumphs and reaction to what society has bestowed upon us.”

A Brother’s Whisper is a good example of the conflicts people are facing each day in their lives and communities.

It was a good film with a powerful message.

What stood out to me was the importance of empathy and compassion with the challenges that men of color have in sharing emotion. And the value in a women’s intuition as shown by

His choice of direction guides the film portrays in a honest depiction of    inner struggles colliding with life forces out of one’s control. The Brooklyn setting was a great choice to show a diverse community.

Jacinto created a storyline that expresses credible experiences of everyday people and their struggles.


Kathleen E. McAuley’s editing allows for an effortless flow from scene to scene into a great story.

Costume Design (does the clothes fit the style of the movie?)

The various settings, notably, the boxing scenes, conveys the complexities of the stereotypes of the many male dominated sports.

The streets of Brooklyn was a good choice, provided insight to the stigma in minority communities.

The musical scores works well with the deep emotional storyline.

A Brother’s Whisper encourages creating a healthy envermintal for honest , yet difficult conversations.

A film definitely worth seeing.

Producer: Jacinto Taras Riddick
Production Co: Colored Section Films
Cast: Jacinto Taras Riddick, Che Ayende, Lekethia Dalcoe, James T. Alfred, Mark Breland, Cristian Sebastián, Coach Nate Boyd, Mustafa Abdullah, Andrea Michelle Kelly
Director & Writer:  Jacinto Taras Riddick
Director of Photography Jeffrey Akers Riddick
Editor: Kathleen E. McAuley
Musical Scores: featured artists include jazz saxophonist, Antonio Hart; percussionist and spoken word artist, E. Preston Riddick and his ensemble, Resura Arkestra; and producer Warren Parker’s ParloEnterprises Tell It Like It Is, performed by Aaron Neville
Runtime: 1 hour 8 minutes
Country: US
Language: English ·
Age Limit: 17 and above
Executive Producers: Jerome Syville, Warren Parker, and Sean Tucker
Line Producer: Zeev Feldman
Co-Producers: Joseph C. Grant Jr., Che Ayende, and Kenthedo Robinson
Sound Designer: Nick Long
Sound Supervisor and Sound Recordist: Edward Morris
Camera Operator: Charles Jones
First Assistant/Focus Puller: Leslie Jean-Bart
Gaffer: John Pyatt
Costume Designer: Myah Pediford
Makeup Artists: Robert Minjarez, Tonya Chavez, Edward Powell, and Jewell Whinfeld
Unit Production Managers: Cherryl Davis And Tiffany Morrell
Production Assistants: Amira Hasib and Carl Ellis Grant
Assistant Editors: Tom Knight and Maehdeh Moayyednia
DIT: Stephen Cohen Colorist Chad Smith of Massive Clouds