31st Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) “Call for Entries”

Official PAFF_2022_LOGO

The Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) has announced its “Call for Entries” for its 31st international film festival taking place in Los Angeles in February 2023.

PAFF 2023 is planned as a hybrid festival--both physical and virtual--with the majority portion of physical activities and all live-audience screenings being held physically in Los Angeles. In past years, PAFF has hosted its live film festivals with more than 40,000 in attendance, which has long been a highly anticipated event in Los Angeles attended by local, national, and international guests.

PAFF accepts only online applications and submissions.  Filmmakers wanting to submit to PAFF can apply by going to the PAFF website www.paff.org and clicking on “Submit Film.” Filmmakers can also submit to The Pan African Film Festival directly through FilmFreeway.com or Festhome.com.


PAFF accepts applications for films and videos made by and/or about people of African descent. (Please note: the filmmaker need not be of African descent.) Preferably, films should depict positive and realistic images and can be of any genre — drama, comedy, horror, action/adventure, animation, romance, science fiction, experimental, historical/epic, etc. PAFF accepts features and shorts, both narrative and documentary.


The PAFF competition categories are: Best Narrative Feature, Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Feature, Best Documentary Short, and  Best First Feature - Director, plus a variety of Audience Favorite Awards. Submitted films must be copyrighted no earlier than 2021. With the exception of Audience Favorite Awards, films are judged by Industry professionals. In addition to competition awards, other programming and festival special prizes will be awarded.


Early Submissions: June 1 through July 5, 2022
Regular Submissions: July 6-September 12, 2022
Late Submission Period for all films begins: September 12, 2022
Final Submission Date for Short Films: October 31, 2022
Final Submission Date for Feature Length Films: November 14, 2022

After November 14, the submitter must contact submissions@paff.org to obtain permission to submit their film. Permission will depend on space availability.

For submission instructions, registration and information including fees, kindly go to www.paff.org and click on “Submit a Film”. 


Looking forward to its 31st year, the Pan African Film Festival (PAFF), is America’s largest and most prestigious Black film festival. Each year, it screens more than 150 films made by and/or about people of African descent from the United States, Africa, the Caribbean, South America, the South Pacific, Latin America, Europe and Canada and increasingly Asia. In conjunction with its simultaneous Arts Showcase, PAFF holds the distinction of being the largest Black History Month event in the US.

‘END OF THE LINE’ Will Be Released on Digital and Cable On Demand Platforms in the U.S. on June 14th

Gravitas Ventures logo
Guidance US Poster (Good Deed Entertainment)

Director, Editor and Produced: Emmett Adler
Executive Producer: Emmett Adler, Ian Mayer
Producers: Emmett Adler, Ian Mayer; Co-Producer Mariah Wilson
Genre: Feature Documentary
Rating: Not Yet Rated
Run time: 1 hour 5 minutes


'End Of The Line' On Digital and Cable On Demand Platforms in the United States On Tuesday, June 14.

VOD PLATFORMS INCLUDE: Apple/iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Vudu, Microsoft and more.

Award-winning filmmaker Emmett Adler's feature documentary END OF THE LINE is a character-driven political drama about the New York City subway crisis and a long overdue reckoning on infrastructure. 

Establishing the vital economic importance and grandeur of New York City’s historic subway system, the film dives into its dire modern-day troubles picking up in the late 2010s when flooding, overcrowding, power failures, and derailments have become commonplace. After a particularly bad spate of disasters in the summer of 2017, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proclaims a state of emergency and hires a new international wunderkind executive named Andy Byford to save the subways. Byford, an earnest Briton with an impressive resume, enters as a charismatic would-be hero.

As the political turmoil behind the subway’s decline comes into sharp focus, scenes in barbershops, bodegas, and bakeries show the frustration and devastation among business owners and residents who are caught in the middle. 

Ultimately, the COVID-19 pandemic furthers this, and brings to light America’s need to shore up its infrastructure in cities across the country and the inequality struggles that are central to this debate. A heartfelt and scrupulous exploration, this film poses the question: what happens when the lifeline of a city goes flat?

This film is dedicated to the heroic New York City transit workers who lost their lives to the COVID-19 pandemic.

EMMETT ADLER is an Emmy-winning filmmaker who has taught art in Shenzhen, China, was once a chess champion in the state of Illinois and can juggle pins while walking on stilts. He has over a decade of experience as a freelance documentary and commercial film editor. In 2021, he made his directorial debut with the feature documentary END OF THE LINE which premiered to sold out audiences at DOC NYC film festival. 


Gravitas Ventures is a leading all rights  distributor  of independent  feature  films  and  documentaries. Founded  in  2006,  Gravitas  connects independent filmmakers and producers with distribution opportunities across the globe.  Working  with  talented  directors  and  producers,  Gravitas  Ventures  has  distributed thousands of films into over a hundred million homes in North America - over one billion homes worldwide. Recent releases include Queen Bees directed by Michael Lembeck, Our Friend directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, starring Casey Affleck, Dakota Johnson, and Jason Segel,Vanguard, directed by Stanley Tong and starring Jackie Chan, The Secret: Dare to Dream, directed by Andy Tennant and starring Katie Holmes; For more information, please visit www.gravitasventures.com, and follow @GravitasVOD on Twitter and @gravitasventures on Instagram.


Anthem Sports & Entertainment Inc.  is a global multi-platform media company with offices and studios in Los Angeles, Denver, Nashville, New York, Kansas City and Toronto. Anthem's portfolio includes AXS TV,  a leading music, entertainment and lifestyle television channel and digital media company; global film distribution company Gravitas Ventures Fight Network, the world's premier combat sports channel; IMPACT Wrestling, one of the world's leading wrestling organizations specializing in original programming and live events; Invicta Fighting Championships, the world’s premier all-women mixed martial arts promotion; Game+, the leader in Esports and gaming content; GameTV, the home of game shows and competition-based reality series; and HDNET MOVIES, which features theatrically released films and documentaries. Anthem also has a significant ownership interest in Pursuit Channelone of the top outdoor channels in the U.S. For more information, please visit anthemse.com .

W: www.endoftheline.doc
T: https://twitter.com/endoflinedoc
I:  https://www.instagram.com/endoflinedoc/

Emma Griffiths (EG PR)
E: emma@eg-pr.com


‘THE QUEST: Nepal’ Movie Review

THE QUEST Nepal - Poster

Year: 2022
Director and Writer: Alex Harz
Starring: Alex Harz, Tashi Sherpa, Hanuman Baba, Russell Brice, Mike Hamill, and more,
Genre: Documentary

The Many Rewards in Fulfilling a Childhood Promise

Harz said, “often, the best way to get to know the true essence of a city, is walking its streets and talking to its people.”

He is true to his word as he explores the villages and the people of the city of Kathmandou and the country of Nepal, that call it home, as he prepares to take on the Himalayan mountain’s Mt. Everest.

It includes stops along the Bagmati River, a holy river to both the Hindu and Buddhist religions, where cremations are performed for Hindu believers. The Sherpa culture is explained. He visits the town of Namche Bazaar, in the north-eastern area of Nepal, that is a major trading hub for the area.

Alex Approaching the South Summit of Everest
Alex Approaching the South Summit of Everest
We see the memorial for all those who lost their life in their own quest to climb the mountain

The beauty of the environment and the primitive natural of so much of daily life in the Khumka Valley and the Sherpa culture that required to make the climb, stands out in the film. Human, animals and helicopters are the only mean of transportation for people and transporting of goods.

The cinematography provides a fantastic background and setting for the harrowing climb. The dialogue provides a great opportunity to learn about the people and the history of the region. Hart's editing gives a nice flow from the first the last scene. THE QUEST: Nepal’ is a good film that accomplishes a promise that is rewarding by itself, when combined with the introduction of the people of Kathmandou and the history of their city and country of Nepal, beauty of Mt. Everest and the surrounding Himalayan mountain adds to magnificence of Harz's journey.
Release May 2022
Distributor: Gravitas Ventures (2022) (USA) (all media), The Quest (2021) (USA) (all media)
Executive Producer:  Alex Harz 
Producer: Tate Zandstra  
Production Co: The Quest
Run time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Starring: Hanuman Baba as Hindu Sadhu, Russell Brice as Expedition Operator, Mike Hamill as Expedition Operator. Alex Harz Alex Harz as Host, Ang Tshering Lama as Mountain Guide,Erlend Ness as Everest Climber,Lama Nawang Paljor as Tibetan Buddhist Monk, Caroline Pemberton as Everest Journalist,Kumar Rupakheti as Nepalese Historian,Lakpa Rita Sherpa as Basecamp Manager,Mingma Chiri Sherpa as Everest Climber,Pasang T. Sherpa as Sherpa Barista,Pasang Temba Sherpa as Puja Monk, Phunjo Lama Sherpa as Mountain Guide,Riten Jangbu Sherpa as Expedition Sirdar, Tashi Sherpa as Trekking Guide, Tshering Sherpa as SPCC Director, Tshering Sarg Sherpa as Expedition Manager
Director and Writer: Alex Harz
Cinematographers: Alex Harz, Ang Tshering Lama, Manish Maharjan, Samuel Emerson Morgan, Alex Schauer, Riten Jangbu Sherpa, Ryan Waters 
Editors: Greg Bartlett, Alex Harz, Nicholas Orris, Tate Zandstra

’18 1/2′: Review

18 1.2 key art
Year: 2021
Director:  Dan Mirvish  
Starring: Willa Fitzgerald, John Magaro, Vondie Curtis Hall, Catherine Curtin, Richard Kind, Sullivan    	Jones, Alanna Saunders, Claire Saunders, Ted Raimi, Jon Cryer, Bruce Campbell
Genre: Comedy/Thriller
Run time: 1 hour 28 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
When You Don’t Know What Happened, Let Your Imagination Run Wild
Director Dan Mirvish’s comical thriller “18 1/2” is about, what was, the biggest political crime in American history, until January 6th, t    the erased 18 ½ minutes of Richard Nixon’s Watergate tapes. 
Using his vivid imaginations to create a narrative and characters that never existed, it is a White House transcriber, who works for OMB (U.S. Office of Management and Budget), Connie Lashley (Willa Fitzgerald) who, while transcribing her final tape of the day, hears the voices of Nixon (Bruce Campbell) and Haig (Ted Raimi). This leads to a great discovery.
Realizing the importance of what she has heard, she teams up with New York Times reporter Paul Marrow (John Magaro) and they both decide to listen to the tape together, in private, In order to listen to the tape together,  Connie and Paul rent a room from Jack (Richard Kind)  at a local hotel. A creepy and dreary place that provide a great backdrop for the what is to follow.
Having the tape with the missing 18 ½ minutes creates a paranoia of being watched and conversations listened to, leading to Connie and Paul looking over their shoulder at every turn.  Which can not be missed as they encounter a group of hippies and their leader Barry (Sullivan Jones), and staying in the cottage next door, Samuel (Vondie Curtis-Hall) and Lena (Catherine Curtin) that leads to many funny encounters that eventually turn dark. 
18 1/2” transports you right into the 1970s with its authentic costumes, set designs and photography. Every detail of Costume designer Sarah Cogan is realistic of clothes worn during this period, giving the impression of a film made in the 1970s.18 1/2” is a must see and very entertaining comedic thriller that feeds into the many conspiracy theories about Nixon, his secretary Rose Mary Woods and the missing 18 ½ minutes of the Watergate tape.

Release Date: May 27, 2022
Distributor: Adventure Entertainment
Co-executive Producer: Dana Altman, Frédéric Forestier
Production Co:  101 Films International, Bugeater Films and  Kyyba Films, Syncopated Daydreams and Terry Keefe Media.
Run time: 1 hour 28 minutes
Starring: Willa Fitzgerald, John Magaro, Vondie Curtis Hall, Catherine Curtin, Richard Kind, Sullivan    	    Jones, Alanna Saunders, Claire Saunders, Ted Raimi, Jon Cryer, Bruce Campbell
Director: Dan Mirvish 
Story by: Daniel Moya, Dan Mirvish
Cinematography: Elle Schneider 
Editor:  Dan Mirvish
Music:  Luis Guerra 
Run time: 1 hour 28 minutes

GUIDANCE Released in U. S. on VOD June 17

Good Deed Entertainment Logo
Guidance US Poster (Good Deed Entertainment)

Director: Neysan Sobhani
Cast: Sun Jia (Han Miao), Harry Song (Mai Zi Xuan) and Francesco Chen (Su Jie)
Country: China
Language: Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles
Year: 2021
Run Time: 1 hour 33 minutes

GUIDANCE on all major platforms including:
Apple TV/iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, XFinity Cable, and more on June 17th

In the not-too-distant future, humanity slowly rebuilds itself a decade after The Great War. Believing that the ability to lie is the root cause of the devastating conflict, a tech entrepreneur creates a pill containing a nanotechnology app known as “Guidance” that allegedly will make everyone more enlightened. Once swallowed, an A.I. “installs” in the person’s nervous system and aids their ability to detect deception in other people among other enhancements.

A young couple goes on a weekend retreat to the countryside, and they begin to use Guidance. However, recent events have potentially compromised their trust in one another. With the tech in their bodies, the couple tries to subvert Guidance in the hopes of saving their relationship before it’s too late.

About Neysan Sobhani, Writer/Director/Producer

Writer/Director Neysan Sobhani is an award-winning writer and director making short films and now his feature debut, GUIDANCE, in Asia. Raised in Asia and North America and at times officially stateless, his identity was shaped by the diverse places he lived, having fled war and conflict twice while young.

As a diaspora filmmaker, Sobhani’s films have flavors of Asian and Western cinema, with his short films appearing in over 40 international film festivals around the world. Reframing audience perceptions of Chinese films through a blended genre approach, his feature film, GUIDANCE (2021), was released in cinemas across China in late 2021.

Good Deed Entertainment (GDE) is an Ohio based independent studio dedicated to producing, financing, and distributing quality entertainment for under-served audiences. Its distribution slate includes recent releases Summertime, Ma Belle, My Beauty, and Lucky Grandma, in addition to the Academy Award nominated, Loving Vincent, and Spirit Award nominated, To Dust.

Website:  http://www.gooddeedentertainment.com/

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“THE QUEST: Nepal” Release Today, May 24th Across All TVOD/Digital Platforms Throughout North America

THE QUEST Nepal - Poster

Gravitas Ventures will release THE QUEST: Nepal” across all TVOD/Digital platforms throughout North America – beginning today, May 24th, 2022, perfectly timed to International Everest Day.

THE QUEST: Nepal” is like combining Werner Herzog with Anthony Bourdain and a bit of  Bear Grylls on an extraordinary Quest to deeper understand and climb the most iconic mountain in the world, Everest, while unveiling the fascinating culture, history and nature of Nepal. Become enthralled by one of the most surreal cities on earth, Kathmandu, before embarking on an expedition up the sacred valley of the indigenous Sherpa people during a spectacular 9-day trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp situated at a staggering height of 17,500 feet / 5334 meters above sea level.

Alex Approaching the South Summit of Everest (2)

Feel what life is like to climb and survive for 43 more grueling days at 17,500 feet and above as we continue our epic Quest upward to try to reach the daunting 29,032 foot / 8849  meter summit of planet earth.  From experiencing Mt. Everest like never before to witnessing remarkable rarely seen stories from one of the most unique countries in the world, “THE QUEST: Nepal” is truly a one-of-a-kind cinematic journey like no other, and one which embodies the incredible human spirit of adventure that lives inside us all.

Film Threat Award This! Announces 2022 The Best of Independent Film Winners

Film Threat Celebrates The Best of Indie Filmmaking at Live In-Theater Ceremony

Film Threat,led by founder and filmmaker Chris Gore, and in conjunction with their partner Magical Threads, are thrilled to announce the Award This! 2022 winners. Award This!! nominees were selected from the nearly 2,000 indie films reviewed on Film Threat in 2021 (this year we extended our deadline into the first quarter of 2022 due to the pandemic). Award This! returned for its fourth year with a live in-person, in-theater event on Saturday, May 21st at non-profit arthouse cinema the Frida Cinema to honor the best and brightest in independent film. Film Threat’s Award This! has become an independent film industry staple celebrating the best in independent cinema.

“This years’ incredibly diverse Award This! nominees made deliberations brutal for our team. Amid two years of literal pandemic struggle, we saw the independent spirit in all its glory. We are honored to share our winners and encourage you to watch this years’ nominees,” said Chris Gore.

This years’ Award This! bold and diverse categories including Indie Sci-Fi, Indie Horror, Indie Comedy, Indie LGBTQ+ Film, Indie Action/Thriller, WTF Indie, Indie Romantic Comedy, Indie Drama, Music Documentary, Pop Culture Documentary, Socially-Relevant Documentary, Best Director, Best Directress, Indie Made for Less Than the Contents of an Oscar Gift Bag (Under $100K), and Indie Movie of the Year. The nominating board of Award This! is comprised of the staff of Film Threat’s editors and critics which number 30+ worldwide along with an advisory board of media figures and independent film luminaries.

Below please find this years’ winning films along side the complete list of independent films nominated for the Film Threat’s 2022 Award This! event.

Award This! Film About Movies or Filmmaking

Clapboard Jungle

Cleanin' Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters


Film Fest

Sam and Mattie Make a Zombie Movie – WINNER 

Award This! Music Documentary **(This Category was a tie)**

Holding These Moments – WINNER

The Jesus Music

Miss Angela

Rock Camp the Movie

The United States of Insanity – WINNER

Award This!  Socially Relevant Documentary **(This Category was a tie)**

Bastards' Road – WINNER

The Boys in Red Hats – WINNER

Finding Kendrick Johnson

Pharma Bro

Rebel Hearts

The Reunited States

Stronger For Life

Award This!  Pop Culture Documentary

Cleanin' Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters


Lily Topples the World

More Than Miyagi – WINNER

Satoshi Kon: The Illusionist

Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini

Award This! Documentary

Bastards' Road – WINNER


Finding Kendrick Johnson

Pharma Bro

Sam and Mattie Make a Zombie Movie

The United States of Insanity

Award This! Short Film

ASMR for White Liberals

Billy Kills the Internet – WINNER


Heavy Petting

KIA Summer Sales Event

Snake Dick

Award This! Indie Sci-Fi

The Changed


God of Dreams – WINNER

Man Under Table

Nebulous Dark


Award This! Indie Horror


The Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord – WINNER

The Nest

Night At The Eagle Inn

Psycho Goreman

Slashening: The Final Beginning

Award This! Indie Comedy

Donny’s Bar Mitzvah

Golden Arm

Kitty Mammas

Spirit Quest

Tango Shalom – WINNER

Win a Trip to Browntown!

Award This! Indie LGBTQ+ Themed Film


Road Head

Shit & Champagne

Swan Song


Award This! Indie Animation



The Spine Of Night – WINNER

Award This! Indie Action/Thriller

100 Days to Live

The Beta Test

Delicate State

How To Deter A Robber

Mafia Inc.

Shut In – WINNER

Award This! WTF Indie Like “What The Fuck Is This Move Even?   **(This Category was a tie)**

Baby Oopsie

Donny’s Bar Mitzvah

I, Challenger – WINNER

Mother Schmuckers

Road Head

Willy’s Wonderland – WINNER

Award This! Indie Romantic Comedy

Borrelia Borealis

Christmas On The Carousel

Honesty Weekend – WINNER

Lost At Christmas


Win a Trip to Browntown!

Award This! Indie Drama

The In-Between


Shiva Baby

Single Mother By Choice – WINNER

Sweet Thing


Award This! Indie Made for Less Than the Contents of an Oscar Gift Bag (Under $100k)

Delicate State - WINNER

God of Dreams


Road Head

Tango Shalom

Win a Trip to Browntown! – WINNER

Award This! Director  **(This Category was a tie)**

The Beta Test (Jim Cummings, P.J. McCabe)

The Changed (Michael Mongillo)

Donny’s Bar Mitzvah (Jonathan Kaufman) – WINNER

God of Dreams (Jurian Isabelle)

Lola (Antonie Allen)

Shit & Champagne (D'Arcy Drollinger)

Shut In (D.J. Caruso)

Single Mother By Choice (Dan Levy Dagerman) – WINNER

Award This! Directress  **(This Category was a tie)**

Borrelia Borealis (Kathryne Isabelle Easton) – WINNER

Delicate State (Paula Rhodes) – WINNER

Glasshouse (Kelsey Egan)

Golden Arm (Maureen Bharoocha)

Honesty Weekend (Leslie Thomas)

How To Deter A Robber (Maria Bissell)

The In-Between (Mindy Bledsoe)

Shiva Baby (Emma Seligman)

Award This! Indie Movie of the Year

The Beta Test

Borrelia Borealis

The Changed

Delicate State

Donny’s Bar Mitzvah – WINNER

Night At The Eagle Inn


Shiva Baby

Shut In

The Spine Of Night

Check out the official Award This! site for more information, including eligibility requirements for next year and don't forget to follow Award This! on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

“U Ý R A THE RISING FOREST ” World Premiere at the 2022 Frameline Film Festival

The Rising Forest Poster

Run time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Rating: Not Yet Rated
Genre: Documentary, Environmental, LGBTQIA+

                                          A STORY BY UÝRA SODOMA
                                         DIRECTED BY JULIANA CURI

Uýra, a trans-indigenous artist travels through the Amazon forest on a journey of self-discovery using performance art and ancestral messages to teach indigenous youth and confront structural racism and transphobia in Brazil.

UÝRA - THE RISING FOREST is directed by Juliana Curi, and written by Curi and Martina Sönksen. Produced by João Henrique Kurtz, Juliana Curi, Lívia Cheibub, Martina Sönksen, and Uýra Sodoma. Edited by Lívia Cheibub, Lucas Camargo De Barros, and Renan Cipriano. Cinematography by Thiago Moraes. Music by Nascuy Linares, featuring Josyara and Zahy Guajajara. A Story by Uýra Sodoma. A Production of Azores Filmes (Brazil) and Mama Wolf (USA), in co-production with Abou Farman with the support of Doc Society and BRIC Brooklyn.

Wednesday, June 22nd at 8:30pm
The New Parkway Theater, Oakland, CA
June 24 - June 30
Streaming Encore - Available Online (U.S. Only) 
Tickets +Passes Available Soon

Uýra, a trans-indigenous artist, travels through the Amazon on a journey of self-discovery using performance art to teach indigenous youth that they are the guardians of ancestral messages of the Amazon forest.

The Race to Alaska” in Theatres Today, Friday, May 20th


The Race to Alaska”, a feature film debut from director Zach Carver, has its theatrical release today in over 40 markets across North America. 

The Race to Alaska” spans 750 miles. Icy water. No motors. No support. Described as “the Iditarod on a boat with a chance of drowning or being eaten by a Grizzly bear,” this epic  endurance race attracts the intrepid and unhinged who find their edge along a coastline that is as punishing as it is beautiful.

Directed by  Zach Carver produced by Carver, Ian Morland (“Dear White People”) and  Liv von Oelreich (“The Girl in the Spider’s Web”), with an original score by Spencer Worth-Davis  and edited by Greg King (“Lessons”).

About Adventure Entertainment:
Sydney-based, and operating in 28 countries on 5 continents, Adventure Entertainment is making literal and metaphorical waves in the adventure film world with over 10 film touring platforms, and dozens of feature films in recent distribution. Specializing in producing live, eventized, theatrical film screenings, AE is leading the way in innovative, community-based marketing and generating pre, and post-show buzz in the entertainment industry. In addition to "Rookie Season", other 2021/22 titles include National Geographic'sTorn", Red Bull Media House's " La Liste: Everything or Nothing", and "Buried", from Oscar-winning producers Evan Hayes  and Michael Sugar.

See more at  adventureentertainment.com

DOUBLE THREAT Available on Video On Demand June 3rd

Double Threat Poster

A Film by Shane Stanley
Starring: Danielle C. Ryan, Matthew Lawrence, Kevin Joy, with Mo Gallini and Dawn Olivieri
Run Time: 1 hour 32 minutes
Rating: | Not Yet Rated
Genre: Action, Thriller

On VOD starting June  3rd
Itunes, Amazon, Indemand, Vudu/Fandango Now, Vibiquity,
Dish, Hooplla, Microsoft Store/Xbox, Google Play, DirecTV, etc. 

After skimming money from the mob, a beautiful, well-trained fighter, Natasha, finds herself on the run with a kind, naïve accountant Jimmy, whose life is about to get more thrilling than he could ever imagine.

Jimmy (Matthew Lawrence) recently loses his brother and promises to scatter his ashes in the ocean. His plans, however, are derailed when a normal convenience store pit-stop becomes a mob attack on cashier Natasha (Danielle C. Ryan). As Jimmy tries to flee, he discovers Natasha hiding in the back seat, and learns that she isn't some random cashier, but a woman on the run from the mob with a split personality: Nat and Tasha. After some convincing, Nat and Tasha tag along with Jimmy on a road trip across the country, hoping to escape on a boat to Hawaii. But when the son of the crime boss, Ellis (Kevin Joy), joins forces with right-hand mobster Ask (Dawn Olivieri), an explosive and violent cross-country chase pursues.

DOUBLE THREAT is directed by Shane Stanley and written by CJ Walley. Produced by Stanley, Walley, Kurt Patino, and Danielle C. Ryan. Executive produced by Jeff Pink and Scott J. Jones. Edited by Stanley and Frank Reynolds. Cinematography by Joel Layogan. Music by Tommy Fields. A Rolling Thunder Films production.