Bottom Line: They Say, Blood is Thicker Than Water and Now You Can Say, Blood is Thicker Than Addiction

Year: 2022
Directors: Hallee Adelman & Sean King O’Grady Octobero
Writers: Hallee Adelman & Sean King O’Grady
Cast: Linda Geraghty, Nicole Caltabiano, Chris Caltabiano Jr., Stephen Caltabiano, Bryan Geraghty
Genre: Feature Length Documentary
Country: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 1 hour 27 minutes

When All You Have is Love and Hope

Directors Hallee Adelman and Sean King O’Grady’s captivating film OUR AMERICAN FAMILY takes you into the heart wrenching and complicated lives of Linda Geraghty, her adult children Nicole Caltabiano, Chris Caltabiano Jr. and Stephen Caltabiano, and her very patient husband, Bryan Geraghty as they put forth a heroic effort to overcome and break the cycle of addiction and keep their family intact against many odds.

Our American Family (Giant Pictures) Our American Family (Giant Pictures) Our American Family (Giant Pictures) Our American Family (Giant Pictures)

OUR AMERICAN FAMILY puts the devastating effects of drug addiction on full display. No matter how difficult, do not give up on yourself or those you love.

Something that stood out to me was the family’s ritual of seating down to dinner. Making a point of coming together each day as a family and using food, a universal need, the motivation.

Cinematographer Seamus Tierney captures the conditions that engulfs them all with the film’s opening with dark clouds, rain and the grim scenes of life on the streets. A backdrop that follows them around.

The editing by Joel Plotch and James Carroll allows the film to flow effortlessly from one scene to the next providing a full picture of the family’s push to over come their life circumstances.

Hallee Adelman, “The power of the story lies in radically honest moments of confrontation and love and family unfolding in scene after scene.” Our vérité camera is unflinching, so the audience witnesses the struggles, clashes, and subtle, life changing shifts that come as a result of each character’s earnest, if imperfect efforts to transform.”

This is a great film that shows the value of love, family and hope to have the strength and determination to not give-up or in.

Hallee Adelman is a writer, filmmaker, and co-founder of World of HA Productions. She is an executive producer on the Emmy-winning documentary “The Social Dilemma,” and the Oscar-nominated international film, “Writing with Fire.” Other titles include the Academy shortlisted, “The Truffle Hunters,” the Sundance premiere “UsKids,” and the soon to be released, “Art & Krimes by Krimes.” Recent festival premieres, “Aisha,” “Broadway Rising,” and “Your Friend, Memphis.” Adelman is a Board Member of the International Documentary Association. Adelman co-directed and produced OUR AMERICAN FAMILY after a writing project deepened her connection with the brave participants featured in the film.

Sean King O’Grady is a filmmaker based in Michigan. His award-winning feature films have screened at Sundance, Tribeca, Telluride, Berlinale, Sitges, SXSW and dozens of other festivals around the world.


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