OUR AMERICAN FAMILY US Theatrical Release in New York (Cinema Village), Los Angeles (Laemmle Monica) on September 2nd and on VOD in the US and Canada on Major Platforms on September 6th, Timed to National Recovery Month

GIANT PICTURES PRESENTS A World of HA Productions Film in association with Atlas Industries and The Intellectual Property Corporation 


Directed & Produced by Hallee Adelman & Sean King O’Grady
Executive Producer: Caroline Libresco
Run Time: 1 hour 27 minutes
Genre: Feature Length Documentary
Country: USA

WINNER! Woodstock Film Festival 2021- Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature

Photo 2- Our American Family (Giant Pictures)

Addiction is an all-encompassing force, in not only of the lives of the afflicted, but also those around them. OUR AMERICAN FAMILY provides an honest, unfiltered look at a close-knit Philadelphia family dealing with generational substance abuse. Captured at a pivotal “nothing to lose” moment, for over the course of a year, five family members tired of life with addiction on center stage, each struggle to transcend their crippling histories. 

What will it take to shift this entrenched, wrenching pattern in their lives? Will they be able to make significant shifts to help their next generation? The members of  OUR AMERICAN FAMILY   invite us into their lives to find hope and to explore what’s possible. Though they often falter, their familial loyalty is powerful, demonstrating how through love and dedication people can rise out of the deepest depths. For a touching, eye-opening look into one of America's most pressing crises, look no further.

OUR AMERICAN FAMILY- Co Director Sean O'Grady Headshot

OUR AMERICAN FAMILY opens in September timed to National Recovery Month, a national observance held every September to promote and support new evidence-based treatment and recovery practices, the emergence of a strong and proud recovery community, and the dedication of service providers and community members across the nation who make recovery in all its forms possible.

Photo 3- Our American Family (Giant Pictures)