Interview with Ilaria Montagnani About Her New Film “Stronger For Life”

Stronger for life

Featuring: Ilaria Montagnani, Gabriella Montagnani, Elizabth Deluca, Omar Sandoval, Lorenzo Montagnani
Genre: Documentary
Language: English

I had the opportunity to talk to Ilaria Montagnani about her first film and new documentary "Stronger For Life" that chronicles her journey
after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Yevette: What was it like preparing for the documentary and working with your parents?
Ilaria: I did not prepare for the film. There were no preparations. I had got together a team and we started filming. It was hard work.

Yevette: What was it like working with your team, how did you work with Corey Florin, Vici Suflan and Noriko Sugiura?
Ilaria: I had a great team that was wonderful to work with. they really helped me with the whole process.

Yevette:  What was it like shooting on two continents?
Ilaria:  I do a lot of traveling and filming in the United States and Italy was similar to what you do while traveling.

Yevette:  When was the moment you came to believe "exercise makes you stronger for life."
Ilaria:  I have always felt that way. There was never a particular moment.

Yevette: In the film, you made it clear you did not want to be a housewife.
Ilaria: Yes, Italy was/is a very traditional place. My mom's and my sister's choice are great for them. I wanted something different.

Yevette: Your Mom is such a strong person.
Ilaria: I am glad you brought that up. My mom is one of the strongest people I know.

Yevette: As a trainer, how have you changed your business model due to COVID-19?
Ilaria: I started free virtual trainer for my clients, to keep them active and was surprised at how it took off and is really popular.

Yevette: How is your Mom? Here in Hollywood, tell her I think she is a star.
Ilaria: She is doing well. I will tell her. She will like that a lot.

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Production Co.: Gravitas Ventures
Executive Producers: Ilaria Montagnani, Leslie Rankow
Producer: Dahlia Waingort Guigui
Editor: Corey Florin
Consulting Producer: Federico Rosenzvit
Director of Photography: Noriko Sugiura
Music: Ched Tolliver

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