“Taking Back the Groove” Screening at the Pan African Film and Arts Festival


Director and Producer: Celia Aniskovich
Producer(s): Roddy Lindsay
Executive Producers; : Raekwon, Russell Peters, and Bradley Credit
Cinematographer; Brett Banks, Editor; Atish Mehta, Composer

Taking Back the Groove reintroduces the world to Bronx-born ’80s disco superstar Richie Weeks. A writer, singer, and producer who was compared to Quincy Jones at his height, Richie created quintessential New York Disco and performed in the likes of Studio 54 and Paradise Garage, all while maintaining day jobs as a postal worker and bricklayer. His mega-hit Rock Your World made it to #1 on the dance charts in the ’80s, and has since become a landmark song in the field of disco and house music.

While his ingenious mixes appealed to a kaleidoscope of glitter and lamé-clad partiers, his songs were never truly his own. Like many Black artists throughout American recording history, his talent was strip mined to enrich white-owed record labels.

When disco cooled down, Richie Weeks and many other artists like him faded from view. But now, a new series of previously unheard recordings, from his private trove of 300 vintage tracks, is bringing him fresh recognition.

Taking Back the Groove tells the story of how Richie Weeks clawed back the right to his own music in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement and his ongoing fight to restore his legacy and share his music.