Stronger For Life: Review

Stronger for life

Featuring: Ilaria Montagnani, Gabriella Montagnani, Elizabth Deluca, Omar Sandoval, Lorenzo Montagnani
Genre: Documentary
Language: English

Ilaria Montagnani spent her adult life as a karate black belt and weapons expert trained in the art of Iaido, Japanese sword training, where her professional career was focused on health and physical fitness, when she is given the devastating news that she had breast cancer.

Using the same determination that motivated her to come to the United States as a 19-year old, non-English speaker and pursue her grueling career path, helped Ilaria to face the challenge of living with cancer. Helping her were Standing by Ilaria and giving her the much needed emotional support Gabriella Montagnani (Ilaria's mother, a homemaker), Elizabth Deluca (Powerstrike Master Instructor), Omar Sandoval (Powerstrike Master Instructor), Lorenzo Montagnani (Ilaria's brother)

Ilaria Montagnani expressed her belief that “When you develop the discipline to train your body and find the determination to do it
even when it’s hard, when it’s uncomfortable, and you push past that, you develop the mental strength to face life’s challenges.
Exercise makes you stronger for life.”

Stronger For Life provided a great example of how no one is exempt from the disease of cancer, it doesn't matter how well you eat, how many hours you exercise each day but taking care of yourself the best you can is of tremendous importance is you are ever faced such a diagnosis.

Editor Corey Florin does a good job of weaving life on two continents in telling Ilaira's story. Ched Tolliver's score fits right in with the film the high energy.

Stronger for Life is a compelling story of a breast cancer survivor journey that is enlightening.

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Production Co.: Gravitas Ventures
Executive Producers: Ilaria Montagnani, Leslie Rankow
Producer: Dahlia Waingort Guigui
Editor: Corey Florin
Consulting Producer: Federico Rosenzvit
Director of Photography: Noriko Sugiura
Music: Ched Tolliver