Freestyle Media to Distribute Psychological Action Fantasy Thriller “Exceptional Beings” Across North American TVOD & Digital Platform & DVD

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Co-Directors: Njedeh Anthony and Christian Kazadi
Writer: Njedeh Anthony
Starring:  Ciarra Carter, Dane Oliver,  Rachel Thundat, Bunmi Famuyiwa, Clark Moore, Chad Sano, introducing Jean Charles, Sarah Bonrepaux, Victoria Antonelli, and Eric Roberts
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Thriller

“Exceptional Beings” tracks the existential crisis of two supernatural beings, as they begin to question their Godhood, when they encounter a woman with an uncanny essence that doesn’t conform with their 4,000 years of knowledge. They journey through her existence, as it relates to their desperate need to understand answers to question, they never believed existed. The movie is a prequel to the book Godhood.

Freestyle Media will distribute the psychological action fantasy thriller “Exceptional Beings” across North American on TVOD, Digital Platform and DVD.

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Distributor: Freestyle Media
Co-Directors: Njedeh Anthony and Christian Kazadi
Writer:   Njedeh Anthony
Producers: Njedeh Anthony and Justin Morgan
Executive Producers: Njedeh Anthony, Justin Morgan, Christian Kazadi and Kurtis Anton
Director of Cinematography: Christian Kazadi
Editor: Christian Kazadi
Production Designer: Justin Morgan