‘Freestyle 101 Hip Hop History’ Starring Ice T, RZA, Cypress Hill, The Game, Chuck D, and many more, Opens on Digital Platforms October 24th

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Director, Writer, Editor: Frank Meyer 
Producer: Robert Juster 
Narrator: Chuck D 
Starring: Ice T, Rza, Cypress Hill, The Game, Chuck D, And Featuring Many Other Rapper and Hip Hop Stars  
Genre: Documentary 
Country: U.S. 
Language: English 
Run time: 1 hour 41 minutes

Class is in session in director’s Frank Meyers documentary Freestyle 101 Hip Hop History that gives ani informative look at the art of freestyling and how it has evolved over time as shown by film footage of times gone by and the interviews of legendary MCs and musical artists. 

The main focus of the film was on Open Mike Eagle from Los Angeles and Iron Solomon from New York and how hard they grind to make it in the business. From being their own booking agent, musical producer and distributor. Open Mike and Iron do it all to make it in this business. 

Iron Solomon: Freestyle 101 Hip Hop History
Iron Solomon: Freestyle 101 Hip Hop History

Freestyle 101 takes you to its beginning in New York during the 1970s and how freestylers were break dancers and graffiti artist who performed magic with their words, Sugarhill Gang was the start of hip hop with the release of Rappers Delight, the first hip-hop party. Meyer’s documentary would not be complete without coming to Los Angeles, CA. And hearing from people long in the game like Ice T, RZA, Cypress Hill, The Game, Chuck D, and many others as they share the ups and downs of getting into the music business and what it takes to stay there. 

Ice T: Freestyle 101 Hip Hop History
Ice T: Freestyle 101 Hip Hop History

RZA says, “Let the lyrics flow freely through you and come off your head,”

RZA’s statement helps to explain the comparison between improvisational jazz and freestyling. 

It is fascinating to hear about the ‘science of rapping and the way the mind reacts. Especially when watching the rap battles and getting a little understanding of what the freestylers are experiencing in real time.  

Open Mike Eagle: Freestyle 101 History of Hip Hop - Hero
Open Mike Eagle: Freestyle 101 History of Hip Hop - Hero

One of the rappers that stand out is Supernatural. He holds the world record for the longest freestyle that was nearly10 hours of rhyming and just a few 5-minute breaks. Supernatural gives a clinic on how to Freestyle. 

Frank Meyer’s Freestyle 101 Hip Hop History gives a crash course in the art form that leaves you knowledge and greater understanding of an often-overlooked art. Must see film. 

About the Team:

Digital Reacharound’s previous documentary Risen: The Story of Chron “Hell Razah” Smith was named Best Music Documentary at Film Threat's 2021 AwardThis!, won Best Music Documentary at New York’s People’s Film Festival, Best Documentary at Hollywood Verge Film Festival and was named an Official Selection by Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, Los Angeles Cinefest and International Independent Film Awards.    

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