Available Now: Gravitas Ventures Release of “The Unabridged Mrs. Vera’s Daybook, ” from prolific LGBTQ filmmaker Robert James (Library of Dust, Ruminations), with Verasphere stars David Faulk and Michael Johnstone


“The Unabridged Mrs. Vera’s Daybook” is available now globally on all  TVOD/Digital platforms  through Gravitas Ventures.

“The Unabridged Mrs. Vera’s Daybook”  tells the brilliant story of historic activism, love, and community art through the works of two prolific San Francisco artists, David Faulk and Michael Johnstone, who also happen to be long-term AIDS survivors and extraordinary activists who were instrumental in ACT UP and the NAMES Project (culminating in the March On Washington/installation of Aids Quilt in Washington, D.C.). During one of the darkest periods in US History, two men decide to bring all the joy and color to a broken community for which an entire movement has emerged. Taking to the streets bedecked in glitter, baubles, and recycled plastic, the two form a cadre of colorful kindred spirits they call Verasphere, supporters, fellow activists and members of the Queer Art Community join the film to help paint this vivid portrait of perseverance, compassion and outrageous dime-store fashion, photos here. Having received the coveted Community Grand Marshall appointment for the San Francisco Pride Parade in 2019, our film subjects confront a new pandemic and celebrate 25 years of making sensational art together.

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