Addiction and Incarceration, When it Requires More Than Unconditional Love and Support

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Director, Producer, and Cinematographer: Jessica Earnshaw
Featuring: Jacinta Hunt, Rosemary
Genre: Documentary
Country: United States
Language: English
Runtime: 1 hour 45 minutes

Jessica Earnshaw directorial debut 'JACINTA' captures the gripping and heartbreaking story of Jacinta Hunt, who, along with her mother, Rosemary, is incarcerated and still struggling with their childhood traumas and a brutal life of addiction.

Jacinta's uphill battle of addiction is not helped by her life long addiction to her mother that  leads her to follow in Rosemary's footsteps.

Watching three generations, Jacinta, her mother Rosemary and her daughter Caylynn struggle with the emotional trauma and toll that comes with addiction tugs at the heart and makes you cheer them on, hoping for their success.

Jacinta and Rosemary at Maine Correctional Center, 2016. 
Photo © Jessica Earnshaw.

Jacinta's daughter Caylynn, who appears to be wiser of the three, asks her mom, "can I finally have what I want?"

What she wants, what any child would want, is to be a priority in thier parent's life.
Just some basic consistancing in the relationshop. Is that too much for a child to ask?

Jacinta's addiction and its affect are not isolated to her, her mother and daughter. Her dad, brothers, brother's
girlfriend and Caylynn's paternal grandparents, all struggle with the damage caused by drug addiction and incarceration.

The scenes of Jacinta's and her mother's life, in real time, in prison is a stark reminder is not a joke, this has life and death
consequences. 'Scared straight' moments to be sure.

Editor George O'Donneldoes a great job of connecting the lives of Jacinta and her family over the 3-years of filming the documentary.

JACINTA shows the value and imporatance of addicts having unconditionaly love and support from their love ones yet
it also shows the importance of the will of each individual addict in their recovery that is needed to go along that it requires more than recovery. But often times the love and support giving to an addict is just not ant.
It shows the importance of doing what is in the best interest of the child and not just what one of the parents or

JACINTA is a good film about a subject matter that sheds light on the human toll of addictions and the past childhood trauma
so many people struggle with by self-medicating.

A Hulu Original Documentary
Production Companies: Artemis Rising Foundation, Impact Partners, Lunamax Films, Shot Glass Productions,
Women Makes Movies, Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona
Runtime: 1 hour 45 minutes
Featuring: Jacinta Hunt, Rosemary, Shaun, Lucky
Director, Writer and Cinematographer: Jessica Earnshaw
Music: Gil Talmi
Editor: George O'Donnell